Terms of service

  1. Insurance

We strongly recommend that you take a Search and Rescue mountain insurance – most Alpine Clubs have such attached to their membership. If you do not know where to look we can advise. We also strongly advise buying travel insurance, to cover you for unexpected cancellation, or other misadventure on your travels. Cancellation charges may be covered by your travel insurance provided the reason for cancellation falls within the terms of their policy.


  1. Food & Drink

The price quoted will not include lunch or snacks. You can bring your own food and we can stop for a picnic, or there may be the option to buy lunch at a mountain hut. Please make sure that you are carrying sufficient water and snacks for your needs.


  1. Accommodation

Accommodation in towns and cities (unless in expeditions and explicitly mention) is not included in the quoted price but we can try to advise of options on request.


  1. Travel to starting point

The quoted price does not include flights, airport transfers or any other travel to/from the point of start of your trip unless explicitly mentioned as included.


  1. Involuntary extension of your trip

If a trip is involuntarily lengthened by bad weather (the guided party being unable to safely leave the mountain venue), a standby rate of 75% of normal per-day guiding rates may be charged.


  1. Voluntary extension of your trip

If a trip is voluntarily lengthened by customer waiting for another weather window, another attempt at the objective, another side trip requested by customer or similar, a rate of 100% of normal per-day guiding rates will be charged if the guide is available to extend his/her stay.


  1. Travel between locations and travel days

If the customer chooses to link mountain objectives, routes or activities that have been quoted on an individual itinerary basis the following charges may be incurred:

(a) from 50% to 75% of normal per-day guiding rates for the travel day(s)

(b) from 0.35 EUR  to 0.50 EUR per kilometre if the guide uses his/her personal car, plus fuel and tolls.


  1. Itinerary changes

The mountain guide reserves the right to change the venue, mountain objective, route or activity booked should he/she come to believe that continuing with the proposed itinerary would place the customer, the group and/or the guide at undue risk due to unfavourable weather, conditions and/or customer ability. This applies to all courses, trips and activities.

Should the guide deem you to be unsuitable (i.e. fitness, ability, technique, prior experience declared yet not proven, etc.)  for the course, activity or objective the guide may alter the venue and itinerary accordingly following mutual discussion with you and, for group trips, the other group members. There will be no refund.

When booking a trip you need to be aware that both the weather and conditions on the route need to be good in order to make an ascent. If the mountain is not in condition or the weather in the area is unsuitable, the guide will always offer a good alternative to fit the allotted time and cost, an alternative that will be mutually agreed. Such agreed alternative not being available or agreed the guide will offer the original itinerary at a later date, mutually agreed. Should the later date proposed by customer and the availability of the guide at that time not match, the latter will endeavour to propose a substitute guide with equal qualification, experience and ability to carry on the original trip. Changes in pricing may occur if the trip is run by a different guide.

There will be no refund if a suitable itinerary modification is not reached or suitable re-scheduling agreed.


  1. Payments and cancellations

A non-refundable deposit of 30% from the quoted prices per person will confirm your booking.

Full payment must be made no later than 60 days before the start of your trip. In some circumstances the full amount may be required on booking as is the case of trips beginning with short notice (less than 60 days).

If the balance or full payment is not received, unless a delayed payment has been agreed in writing, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and levy the appropriate cancellation charges:

(a)  Cancellation received 15 days or less prior to commencement, no refund will be made.

(b) Cancellation received 16 – 30 days or less prior to commencement, a refund of fees paid, less a cancellation fee of 75% of the quoted price.

(c) Cancellation within 31 – 60 days prior to commencement, a refund of fees paid, less a cancellation fee of 30% of the quoted price.

(d) Cancellation 61 or more days prior to commencement, a refund of fees paid, less a cancellation fee of 10% of the quoted price.

No refunds are due for leaving the trip for medical or fitness reasons.

Notice of cancellation must be given in writing by email to info@alpinestyleexpeditions.com